As United Methodist Churches, we take seriously our role in the United Methodist Committee on Relief, or UMCOR. Together with other United Methodist Churches, we assure that UMCOR is able to respond to any natural or national disaster that may come. We assist UMCOR through special offerings and through our mission of the month.

One of the most impactful ways that UMCOR is able to respond to disasters is through their relief supply kits.

In 2020, from February to August, we're going to focus on the Hygiene Kit. Each month, we'll be collecting one part of the kit and assembling our kits before a Fall Mission Event in the Dakotas Conference where we gather our kits and send them to the UMCOR Depot West in Utah. 


2020 Kit Focus:

Hygiene Kits

Requested Supply:

6 in. Combs

Notes from UMCOR:
-At least 6 inches long
-No pocket combs

or picks

-Rat-tail combs and

combs without handles are acceptable.