Connect Pastor Clay's Message to your devotional life at home through the FAITH 5 Home Huddle!

Every week, you are invited to continue conversations about worship in your homes through our FAITH 5 Home Huddles.  Each week, Pastor Clay will provide scriptures and a blessing for every day that connect back to the message in the Plant-Grow-Harvest Guide.

The Faith Five Home Huddle:

Share your highs and lows (the high point of the day & the low point of the day)

Read scripture together.  Check out this week's readings that tie into Pastor Clay's sermon: 

Sunday: Acts 17:1-11 (Paul & Silas cause an uproar)
Monday: Acts 17:16-31 (Paul in Athens)
Tuesday: Acts 18:1-11 (Paul in Corinth)
Wednesday: Acts 19:1-10 (Paul in Ephesus)
Thursday: Acts 19:21-41 (Riots in Ephesus)
Friday: Acts 21:1-15 (Paul in Jerusalem)
Saturday: Acts 21:27-36 (Paul arrested in Jerusalem)

Talk about how scripture relates to everyone's highs and lows

Pray for one another's highs and lows.

Bless one another as you break the huddle. 

Blessing: (Name), Child of God, the Holy Spirit raises you up in leadership
in the church and in life. Follow this prompting of the Spirit!

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